Japan Mannequin Company is the largest and oldest supplier of Mannequins, Sizing Dummies, Dustbins, Jewellery Display Mannequins, Automated Mannequins, and custom-made Mannequins. Many a times, our clients require special effects dummies manufactured by us. We strive to deliver the best to every client that we have.

Products Categories

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    Ladies Mannequin
    These amazing Ladies Mannequins deliver the most lifelike images in the industry. These mannequins accentuate the stores’ display.
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    Gents Mannequin
    Gents Mannequins are manufactured using high quality fiberglass and modern machines to ensure better finishing and winsome look.
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    Sports Mannequin
    Japan Mannequins Company is engaged in manufacturing and exporting the most contemporary Sports Mannequins, which give special impression in the mind of customers to own it.
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    Sizing Dummies
    Japan Mannequin Company offers a wide range of specialty parts mannequins displaying specific parts of the body such as head, lower leg etc., that are used for displaying jewellery and a host of fashion accessories.
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    Steam Iron
    Heats up in just 45 seconds.
    Removable transparent water tank with 1.9 L capacity provides 70 minutes of continuous steam.
    Automatic shut-off when too hot or shortage of water.
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    Kids Mannequin
    Japan Mannequin Company offers a wide variety of Childrens Mannequins,featuring both fixed pose Child Mannequins and posable Child Mannequins.Whether your plans call for a realistic or abstract Child Mannequin....
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    Jewellery Mannequins, Jewellery Stands or Necklace Hangers – we don’t mind what you call them, we just want you to know that we have one of the largest and varied collections of jewellery mannequins....
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    Japan Mannequin Company offers quality discount mannequin accessories. Make sure you check out all of our extraordinary mannequin & dress form display solutions for extraordinary environments....